Cardano Blackboard

The Blackboard Series

We recently teamed up with ADASaur to start a series of brief explanation videos for the Cardano community.

The octopus carried its blackboard all the way to dinosaur and we used a ton of digital chalk. Fortunately it's cheap and environmentally friendly.

As a result we might present you the "Blackboard Series" and we try to release an ADAtaining video every Friday. Make sure to hit the subscribe button.

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Episode #1

What is the spending password?

Find out what the spending password is for and why it doesn't protect your seed words.

Episode #2

What is staking?

Cardano is a proof of stake system. Learn what staking is and how it works.

Episode #3

What is a hardware wallet?

Learn what a hardware wallet is and how it works.

Episode #4

What is the transaction assurance level?

If you are using Yoroi or Daedalus, you will certainly have noticed "low", "medium" and "high" already. Watch this video to understand what this means.

Episode #5

What is plausible deniability?

Plausible deniability can take your crypto security to the next level, but it's not something you can achieve by flipping a switch in the settings.

Episode #6

What are epochs and slots?

Learn what epochs and slots are and why this notion of an epoch makes Cardano highly scalable.

Episode #7

What is a 51% attack?

A majority attack on Cardano is virtually impossible, but like any decentralized system Cardano would be not resistant to an adversary holding 51% of the resource. Learn what a so called 51% attack is and what an attacker could do. The video also explains how chain selections works and what a double-spend attack would look like.

Episode #8

What is a Lovelace?

You've probably heard of a Satoshi before, but do you know what a Lovelace is?