Desktop Wallet

Daedalus Wallet

Daedalus is a full node, this means it downloads and synchronizes with the blockchain.

It's developed by IOHK, the blockchain research and development company behind Cardano.

Download Daedalus

fully validates every block and transaction, you don't need to trust anyone

you are completely independent

needs time to synchronize when opening, cumbersome on bad internet connections

needs a lot of disk space (more than 4.5 GB)

since it's a full node some users do have some problems from time to time, for several reasons (outdated PC, old operating systems)

Chrome Extension

Yoroi Wallet

Yoroi is a lightweight node, this means it doesn't need to download and synchronize with the blockchain. Instead it connects to a service that does this for you.

It's developed by EMURGO, the commercial arm of Cardano.

Download Yoroi

just open and use it - instantly

it doesn't need much space (less than 20 MB)

as a Chrome browser extension Yoroi is sandboxed by design

create advanced paper wallets

a lightweight node has to connect to a full node, this means you need to trust a 3rd party (of course not with your private key, but e.g. reliability)

Android and iOS Wallet

Yoroi Mobile

Yoroi is also available for Android and iOS. In contrast to the desktop version, you can create several wallets in the app.

There is no Daedalus mobile wallet, and btw you don't want to run a full node on a mobile. Don't fall for scams that appear in the App Stores from time to time.

Android Version iOS Version

Web Wallet was developed by vacuumlabs, they were also responsible for the Cardano Ledger app and won the crypto puzzle at the IOHK Summit 2019.

In fact, we're not big fans of Web-Wallets and can only recommend them in combination with a Hardware-Wallet, like the Ledger Nano S or the TREZOR-T.

But then, shows its advantages, because it leaves no traces behind. Also great in terms of plausible deniability because after using it with Ledger you can no longer "look into" the account to see the balance, unless you replug your hardware wallet.


There are others

Other Wallets

There are other wallets like Infinito or Atomic Wallet and we know people that are happy with them.

Since we would not use them ourselves at the moment, we cannot recommend them here. In our opinion wallets should be open source. This does not mean they are insecure or bad.

More about wallets and their attack vectors

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