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Get to know stake pool operators around the world

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Here are the latest stats from the Shelley Incentivized testnet. Click to enlarge the image and see how things are going. shelley_incentivized_testnet_infographic_Week62@2x1408×3048 747 KB 2 posts - 2 participants Read full topic

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final_city am header - center2845×1501 294 KB This op-ed appeared on 2 June 2020 on CityAM, a British newspaper, and was written by @Nathan_Kaiser, Chairperson, and @Hinrich Pfeifer, General Secretary of the Cardano Foundation. Artwork by @ADAtainment. Legislation is one key to adoption through use cases of blockchain—be it in emerging markets or developed nations. Robust regulatory environments and innovation-friendly political landscapes that foster technological advancements are vital to shaping technology-driven growth. Since the concept of blockchain was introduced in 1991, our perception of the technology has shifted and our collective understanding continues to change as we head towards a blockchain-enabled era of the future. For this to materialise on a full scale, we need laws that support ever-changing disruptive growth.

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This week was a big week for announcements, when we laid out our Shelley rollout plan during our monthly Cardano LIVE show. If you didn’t see it, and still want to know “Wen Shelley?!” you can catch the replay here. Meanwhile, we’ve had a busy few days on the testnet. Things are going great. On Tuesday, we were delighted to bring our second wave of pioneers on board, as nominated by our original settlers! After kicking things off in a Hangout, our new cohort has been making themselves comfortable and getting set up. Our new pioneers will be getting a survey today so we can see how they are feeling after a few days on the trail! Alongside Telegram chat, we’ve created a dedicated forum section for new pioneers and old hand mentors to chat and share experiences as they work through the onboarding exercises and tutorials. We’re delighted to see we already have 58 pioneer stake pools running on the Friends & Family testnet.

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Recap: IOHK Monthly Cardano Development Updates - 28/05/2020 (written by @Eric_Czuleger) On May 28th 2020 Tim Harrison, sat down with product director for Cardano Aparna Jue to discuss the latest developments in the roll out of the Haskell Shelley testnets. They are joined by Haskell engineer Kevin Hammond to gain some insight into how the initial pioneer phase has gone and what the future holds for the testnets. Hyperlinks and timecodes in relation to key questions have been placed at the bottom of the document for your convenience. image1280×727 149 KB Mounting integrations There has been a great deal of development in separate workstreams, but this particular update will focus on the roll out of Shelley. There is a virtual summit forthcoming and we will be discussing other key pillars like tokens, digital IDs, and Daedalus in future updates. For now, it is important to give a high level update of what has been happening recently.

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Here are the latest stats from the Shelley Incentivized testnet. Click to enlarge the image and see how things are going. shelley_incentivized_testnet_infographic_Week61@2x1408×3048 747 KB 1 post - 1 participant Read full topic

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