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Get to know stake pool operators around the world

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An introduction to minting native tokens on Cardano Written by @elliothill of the Cardano Foundation Cardano 20213200×1800 186 KB Full-featured native tokens will soon arrive on the Cardano mainnet through the Mary hard fork at the end of February. But did you know that right now, it is possible to begin experimenting with native tokens in the Cardano pre-production developer environment? You can already explore native tokens using the Cardano command-line interface (CLI). As we have recently learned through IOHK’s native tokens blog, native token functionality will also come to Daedalus with Mary, allowing users to send and receive native tokens on Cardano easily. Eventually, there will also be a dedicated token builder with its own graphical user interface. This will make it easy for anyone to mint, send, and spend native tokens through an intuitive user interface. Take a first look at that here.

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User guide - Ways to participate in Project Catalyst Written by @ElliotHill of the Cardano Foundation You may have recently read that the next funding round on Project Catalyst will make a staggering US$1m available for projects and ideas building and launching on Cardano. The fourth fund to become available on Catalyst, Fund4 ideas are now open for submission via Ideascale, which we will examine later in this article. If you didn’t catch it, we recommend you watch the Project Catalyst Town Hall that aired on 17 February 2021, which outlines some of the latest initiatives around Catalyst Fund4. But before Fund4 gets underway, Fund3 voting must be concluded. Here, we’re going to explore how you can participate in Project Catalyst and vote in Fund3.

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Introducing the Local Community Centers challenge—the Cardano Foundation’s first challenge in Project Catalyst image1464×558 136 KB Project Catalyst is one of the largest experiments in truly decentralized governance to date Going forward, the Cardano Foundation will be taking a more active role in Project Catalyst, alongside our ecosystem partners at IOHK. As a result, we are pleased to introduce the first Cardano Foundation Project Catalyst challenge, arriving during Fund4. Part of the Cardano Foundation’s core mission is to foster the growth and adoption of Cardano and our community. So, what better way to do this hand-in-hand with our community through Project Catalyst—contributing to one of the largest experiments in decentralized governance to date! Where other Catalyst challenges help to expedite the adoption of Cardano through a focus on development initiatives and goals, the Cardano Foundation’s challenge focuses on leveraging the power of our community.

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The Mary hard fork—what will it mean for Cardano? (Written by @ElliotHill of the Cardano Foundation) The Cardano blockchain is poised to enter a phase of significant change at the end of February. For the first time in our protocol’s history, users will be able to define their own custom tokens through the multi-asset ledger, adding a new layer of functionality and utility to the Cardano blockchain. This will be made possible through the Mary hard fork, one of the most important events to occur on the Cardano blockchain since the rollout of Shelley in July 2020. As part of the wider rollout of Goguen, Mary represents a step-change for Cardano—delivering long-awaited Cardano components to our community. Named after the mother of our native token’s namesake (ada), Mary Lovelace, the Mary hard fork will be facilitated by IOHK’s hard fork Combinator.

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Cardano Community Developer Spotlight – February 2021 Hello Cardano community, At the Cardano Foundation, we recognize the fantastic work our community does, especially those who are diligently building, educating, and exploring what Cardano has to offer at this early stage in our development. As a decentralized protocol, much of the innovation and applications which emerge as Cardano transitions into Goguen will come from you—our ecosystem participants. As a result, the Cardano Foundation is pleased to bring you the second installment of our monthly Cardano Community Developer Spotlight blog, recognizing our diverse and dedicated community. Each month, the Foundation will be selecting a couple of interesting community-led projects to discover and share with our wider ecosystem. We hope this will encourage those who are already building solutions on Cardano to keep moving forward, while also helping to inspire those thinking of building on Cardano to get started and collaborate.

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