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Time in Cardano is divided into epochs. Every epoch is divided into slots. Every 20 seconds there's a slot and an epoch contains 21,600 slots. That's exactly 5 days.

Currently we are in the slot of the epoch.

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Published by the Cardano community team every two weeks, this newsletter will provide you with news, updates and events about the project! Announcing the Ambassador Program The Cardano Ambassador Program was recently launched and the first group of community Ambassadors were announced! The program is designed to recognize community members who go above and beyond, offering regular, consistent and positive contributions to the community and wider project. Learn more about the Ambassador Program Cardano Roadmap Update With the latest roadmap update, there was an announcement on how the Cardano Roadmap would be changing. The timer on the roadmap page has been removed and updates about important software releases will be published intermittently. Further details will be provided at the IOHK Summit by IOHK CEO, Charles Hoskinson. Read the Announcement Attend the IOHK Summit Tickets for the IOHK Summit are now on sale! The event will be held on April 17-18, in Miami, Florida.

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In the spirit of disclosure and in response to the community’s request, Cardano Foundation’s ada current holdings can be viewed from the wallet link below. To date, no funds have been spent from the Foundation’s allocated ada holdings. As stated before, Cardano Foundation’s ada were transferred from one wallet to another at one point in time. This was to ensure private keys were secure. The ‘old’ CF wallet address is: DdzFFzCqrht1RAzCsYyTHZJymt4qj65bV41TyufbmpTr9nGh2VS3zY25tJHu718QACd7xpKENCGfK8wnQhZXNJmnmCvxPHJfuwk3BzrP Cardano Foundation’s ada holdings can only be used for the purposes and activities listed in the Foundation’s deed and statutory purpose. The link to Cardano Foundation’s current wallet address can be found here: https://cardanoexplorer.

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The Cardano roadmap is changing. We will be launching an exciting new roadmap which showcases the Cardano 2020 vision after the IOHK Summit, which will be taking place on April 17-18. CEO Charles Hoskinson will outline this vision in his keynote speech and the roadmap will be relaunched with a renewed focus on this milestone. For the time being, we will be removing the timer on the roadmap page as well as publishing intermittent updates about important software releases. Team IOHK

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Dear all, IOHK are pleased to announce that tickets for our 2019 Summit are now on sale! We’ve got lots planned for the summit in April – here are a few things to look forward to: Collaborative hackathon with IOHK engineers Workshops and talks from all areas of IOHK development Updates on Cardano development plans, including the vision for Cardano 2020 An exhibition exploring the blockchain in an immersive, virtual reality audiovisual experience A cryptographic puzzle game in Miami (with prize!) Live interviews from the members of The Cardano Effect podcast Special announcements from IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson Please head over to the IOHK Summit website to RSVP for your place. We look forward to welcoming you to Miami this April and meeting you amidst the sun, sea, and sand of beautiful Miami Beach. Regards, Team IOHK

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