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Wednesday, June 8, 2022, Palmer Events Center Join us: Cardano Community @ Consensus, Wed, Jun 8, 2022, 7:00 PM | Meetup Consensus continues to be one of the largest and most sought after events in our industry, bringing together thousands of the brightest and boldest influencers from around the world to celebrate the innovations happening across crypto, blockchain, Web3, and the metaverse. This year, Cardano will be there! We want to showcase our growth story to Consensus’ 15,000 attendees… and to the world. In addition to the Consensus show floor itself June 9th – June 12th, the Cardano Foundation, Emurgo and IO plan to start with an exclusive Cardano Community evening ahead of the main event. Hosted at the famous Palmer Center. Full agenda to follow, but sign up now to secure your place and avoid disappointment. 1 post - 1 participant Read full topic

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As a key step to bring on-chain governance to the Cardano blockchain, Project Catalyst – the current experiment in community voting – requires active and broad participation from the various groups in the community. For this reason, and hoping to encourage others to participate as well, the Cardano Foundation has become an active participant since Fund 7. We vote to both inspire and promote the community’s engagement. The Cardano Foundation understands the importance of strengthening the community to become a sustainable, decentralized blockchain ecosystem. The market feedback on Catalyst Fund 8 gathered in an initiative conducted by the Ambassadors Guild was therefore taken into consideration on Challenge Setting priorities. Likewise, we paid attention to several community led discussions with developers, stake pool operators, general ada holders, and other Ambassadors.

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Cardano Foundation appointed Cardano Ambassador Bullish Dumpling as our new representative in the Catalyst Circle, a group participating in Catalyst governance. Project Catalyst, an experiment in community innovation on Cardano, has entered its next funding round, with the voting for Fund 8 happening between 21st April and 5th May. All proposals are available for the community’s viewing and the Cardano Foundation will soon announce which Fund 9 Challenges it has decided to vote on. Meanwhile, as the Project stepped into this new phase, the Cardano Foundation strengthened its commitment to support the active participation of the community. We are delighted that Cardano Ambassador Bullish Dumpling accepted the appointment as our new representative in the Catalyst Circle, a position that started last March. A member of the Ambassadors Guild and a true blockchain citizen, Dumpling brings a robust experience within the ecosystem.

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Hello we just finished the redelegation of the Cardano Foundation Wallets. It has been six months since we changed the delegation strategy to support the Architects of the Future. A brief overview of the statistics: We got more than 415 applications this time. We evaluated them manually and checked all the information they provided. We found builder tools, open-source projects, closed-source projects, many pull requests, some CIP, educational content, whole communities around projects, many other contributions and support to the growth of the Cardano Community. We appreciate what these pools are doing and we would like to give these 296 pools here honorable mentions. (see list below) We have identified 73 of them as outstanding contributions. See the list below. (note: pools that we would oversaturate have already been deducted here) We did a random draw and delegated to 45 pools. Visit pool.pm to get a real-time representation of the delegated wallets.

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https://www.youtube.com/embed/eDsC4r1eVYg The Cardano Foundation partnered up with Veritree which is the world’s first, fully integrated platform designed to transform the tree restoration space through blockchain technology. To celebrate the partnership, the world’s first global impact challenge was launched: Can the Cardano Community donate 1 million ADA to plant 1 million trees? The challenge was accepted and the goal was achieved in just over three months! To prove the power of blockchain, each of these donors received a tree planting certificate with the exact location of their donation and other info like which type of tree is used. With Cardano’s unique on-chain metadata capabilities, veritree can easily store and share GPS coordinates, photos, and other specific characteristics of restorations. This data is traceable, permanent, immutable and available to all, solving one of the industry’s most significant and growing problems—a lack of trust.

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