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Get to know stake pool operators around the world

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Maintaining a Neutral Stance—The Role of the Foundation as Cardano Grows The Cardano ecosystem is evolving. In the last few weeks, you may have noticed the cascade of new activity, startups, tokens, and non-fungible tokens that have arrived almost overnight to the Cardano ecosystem. With this rapid expansion of our ecosystem comes huge opportunities, but also some degree of risk. While we expect that the vast majority of projects entering our ecosystem will have genuine intentions and solid use cases, occasionally bad actors do also take advantage of rapid blockchain community growth for their own means. Here, we want to quickly revisit the role of the Cardano Foundation, and what stance we take on projects building on Cardano. We will explore what it means to take a neutral approach, what our occasional official partners do look like, and what it might mean when we aren’t vocal about a particular project.

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Cardano stack exchange proposal 2021 has reached the beta phase Written by @adatainment of the Cardano Foundation banner2006×1106 320 KB Thanks to so many people’s commitment, the community initiated Cardano Stack Exchange proposal has reached the third phase today. Special thanks also to all who have pushed this: @lavan_a @werkof @laplasz @gRebel-5 @benohanlon (incomplete list, comment below ) Phase 3 - Beta This is by far the most important phase - we have now a live site set up on a “probationary” basis to see if people use it. It is very important to participate early. The earliest questions set the tone and topic of the site for a long time. Furthermore, now is the time to spread the word via Twitter, blogs, and email far and wide. If the site does not get used, it will be deleted. Each site has two parts, each with its own URL: cardano.stackexchange.

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Cardano Comes to Georgian TV with Andrew Thornhill from Baia’s Wine Written by @elliothill at the Cardano Foundation In December 2020, we announced that the Cardano Foundation, in association with supply chain technology provider Scantrust, were preparing to deploy the live version of a supply chain tracking solution with Georgian organic wine producer, Baia’s Wines. The solution, which leverages transactional metadata on the Cardano blockchain, is the first enterprise use case of its kind on Cardano to authenticate and verify from third parties supply chain data. You can read more about the integration, Baia’s Wine, and how transactional metadata on Cardano empowers this solution in this article. But here, we’re going to share how Baia’s Wine’s Andrew Thornhill took to Georgian TV and further spread Cardano to the Caucasus region.

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Scantrust Sisters and Wine 31276×956 235 KB ZÜRICH, 06 APRIL 2021. The Cardano Foundation is pleased to announce the live release of a unique supply chain traceability and anti-counterfeit solution together with Scantrust—a connected goods and products platform that provides digitalization for brand protection, supply chain traceability, and consumer engagement to Fortune 500 enterprises and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in over 168 countries worldwide. The Cardano-Scantrust solution allows brand owners to leverage the traceability and targeted data functions of Scantrust’s physical, secured QR codes; together with the speed and low cost of the Cardano blockchain for supply chain traceability and anti-counterfeit use cases. The live implementation of the supply chain solution, first revealed in December 2020, is complete and is already being successfully used in a proof-of-concept implementation with Georgian artisan wine producer, Baia’s Wine.

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Half a Billion Dollar’s Worth of Ada is now Delegated to Mission-driven Stake Pools on Cardano (Written by @elliothill at the Cardano Foundation) 1035×511 496 KB Mission-driven stake pools truly make the world work better for all. Today, we interrupt our usual article series to share some extra-special news with our community. As many of you know, Cardano is focused on bringing social and financial inclusion to underserved communities and causes that need it most—and there are few better ways to do this than supporting existing charities that are already having an impact in local communities. Driven by our community of mission-driven stake pool operators, the Cardano ecosystem is now realizing and exceeding this vision. We are delighted to share that over US$500,000,000 worth of ada is currently being delegated to charity-focused initiatives on Cardano through mission-driven stake pools.

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