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Get to know stake pool operators around the world

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The Cardano Foundation’s stance on stake pool advertisement Our valued community now runs more than 1,000 stake pools—a healthy sign of decentralization and the increasing stability of the Cardano blockchain. We want to support our stake pool operators, but as a Foundation, our channels must remain impartial. The recent rise in stake pool advertising and promotion prompts us to kindly remind our community that any kind of such activity is not permitted on Cardano Foundation owned channels. Our channels, including social media networks, are a platform to discuss the future and development of Cardano, to share and inspire ideas in the spirit of collaboration, and also to learn from each other and help the community flourish. We would be grateful if our community would be mindful of the following: Cardano Forum Code of Conduct; Reddit Cardano Rules; Cardano Facebook Group Rules from the Admins; Telegram Cardano Official Community Rules.

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(Written by @ElliotHill of the Cardano Foundation) In September 2020, we introduced the concept of tokenization, the representation of an asset as a token on the blockchain, and explored what tokenization may look like in the near future on Cardano. We discovered that with the arrival of native custom token capabilities on Cardano as a component of Goguen, the stage will be set for the proliferation of tokens that power decentralized applications (DApps) and smart contracts on the blockchain. We have already learned that tokenization is one of the most powerful use cases for blockchain technology. But while we have looked in-depth at the types of blockchain-based tokens and the benefits of representing assets as tokens, we haven’t yet explored which industries could be transformed most significantly by tokenized assets on the blockchain.

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The Cardano Foundation’s guidance for staying safe from sophisticated scams The Cardano Foundation reminds our valued community to remain extremely vigilant in light of a recent rise of fraudulent activity targeting ada holders. The level of sophistication involved in this most recent fraudulent scheme makes it incredibly difficult to detect. While our team works very hard to deplatform these sites we would like to share further details with you so you may avoid them. In the most recent scheme, bad actors have convincingly duplicated the https://cardanofoundation.org/ website in an attempt to promote a scam. This fake website, pictured below, attempts to lure users into joining a stake pool named ‘HyperPool’, which promises high rewards for participants. This stake pool does not exist, and the Cardano Foundation has absolutely no association with it. The Cardano Foundation will never run a stake pool. |614x329.

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Hello, Cardano community, At the Cardano Foundation, we recognize the fantastic work our community does, especially those who are diligently building and exploring what Cardano has to offer at this early stage in our development. As a decentralized protocol, much of the innovation and applications which emerge as Cardano transitions into Goguen will come from you—our ecosystem participants. As a result, the Cardano Foundation is pleased to bring you our inaugural monthly Cardano Community Developer Spotlight blog, officially recognizing our diverse and dedicated community. Each month, the Foundation will be selecting a couple of interesting community-led projects to discover and share with our wider ecosystem. We hope this will encourage those who are already building solutions on Cardano to keep moving forward, while also helping to inspire those thinking of building on Cardano to get started and collaborate. So, let’s check out who and what is under the spotlight this month. 1.

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Cardano Foundation to adjust its delegation methodology following changes to the k-parameter On 5 November 2020, IOHK outlined its plans to change the k-parameter* starting from 6 December 2020 during epoch 234. As part of the continuing mission to fully decentralize the Cardano network the k-parameter will be increased from k=150 to k=500. In order to keep our delegation methodology transparent, we would like to give you a brief update on our next steps following the planned k-parameter adjustment, and outline the reason for deferring our re-delegation last week. The adapted reward sharing scheme through the new k-parameter will affect both stake pool operators and delegators alike. It will also affect the Cardano Foundation’s staking methodology. Our delegation methodology is carefully designed to support and involve new individual stake pools, serving decentralization and the interests of the wider community.

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