Simplified Roadmap

We decided to visualize this Cardano roadmap as a time line, but actually the pillars of Cardano are researched and developed in parallel. The launch in September 2017 marks almost two years of research and over a year of development.

Pillars of Cardano:
  • Byron

    The bootstrap era is all about creating a bulletproof foundation. It's the first layer of the Cardano platform stack and the heart of the system: Cardano Settlement Layer. It allows users to receive and transfer ada.

    What is Cardano?

    since September 29, 2017
  • Shelley

    Shelley is focused on turning Cardano gradually into a fully decentralized and autonomous system, starting with staking, stake pools and delegation.

    What is staking and how does it work?

    since July 29, 2019
  • Goguen

    Goguen brings different computation layers that enable smart contracts for financial transactions such as hedging, fixed-term deposits, credit swaps, crowdfunding as well as complex decentralized apps.

  • Basho

    The features in Basho are focused on performance and scalability. Similar to BitTorrent the system will gain more ressources with every new user.

  • Voltaire

    Voltaire is focused on sustainability and self-sovereign. There will be a treasury model and a mechanism to contribute to Cardano via improvement proposals.

    A voting system will enable the community to decide about the future and to unlock funds.