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Time in Cardano is divided into epochs and slots. A slot is a placeholder that can be filled with a block. Roughly every 20 seconds there's a new block and exactly every 5 days a new epoch starts.

The last block was created in the slot of the epoch by stake pool . (called slot leader)

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#Fund12 Launch Event - Choose Your City Last week the Project Catalyst team, along with Rare Evo and Sustainable Ada, announced during the 157th town hall (recording here) that a special voting event is taking place over the course of next two weeks to determine where Fund12 is going to be launched. This marks an unique occasion when Catalyst will run a voting event that doesn’t decide on where funding should be allocated. We’re all excited and we hope you are as well. We also discussed some more during this week’s town hall #158 and you can catch it all here. Let’s learn more about all of it below. Catalyst Working Groups Catalyst Working Groups is the delivery of the approved Fund11 proposal that outlines the concept where the goal is to create the first iteration of community-led, data-driven analysis that informs of potentially important changes to the scope of future Catalyst funding rounds.

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Hello there, beautiful soul! Hope this message finds you well. This week the Project Catalyst team, along with Rare Evo and Sustainable Ada, announced during the 157th town hall (recording here) that a special fun voting event will take place to determine where Fund12 is going to be launched. This will be the continuation of the Fund11 proposal that outlines the concept of Catalyst working groups. Have you read the blog about this from a few weeks back? If not, here it is. The in-person event will kick start this several months-long community-sensing journey that seeks to better understand and evolve Project Catalyst as a whole. How does it begin? Within the next two weeks, the Catalyst team plans to launch a new voting round via the Catalyst Voting app that will list six cities around the world: Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Nairobi, Sydney, Tokyo, and Toronto. And YOU - the Cardano community - will be deciding which will be the official launch location for Fund12.

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Welcome to the Cardano Community Digest! Published by the Cardano Foundation Community Team every two weeks, this Digest will provide you with news, updates and events about the project and ecosystem! If you are interested in receiving the Community Digest in the future directly via email, please sign-up here! Messari Report: State Of Cardano Q4 2023 Messari recently released its ‘State of Cardano’ Q4 2023 report, which highlights significant growth in the Cardano ecosystem. The total value locked ranking moved from 34th place (industry-wide) at the beginning of the year to 11th place by the end of the year. The value of stablecoins locked on the network also saw significant development. The report also mentions the release of Midnight’s specifications. Development of core infrastructure projects, including SanchoNet, Hydra, and Mithril, continued. For more details view here the full report.

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Results are in! Dear Community Member, We are delighted to announce the official results of Project Catalyst Fund11. Congratulations to all those projects that have received community approval. On behalf of the entire Catalyst team, we thank every one of you for your trust and patience and for making this moment a reality! Proposers who were not selected - don’t be disheartened. Review the feedback you received during Fund11, and keep engaged with the community to help polish your project before the next opportunity presents itself! More on this soon, so keep your ear to the ground! Fund11 Results: projectcatalyst.io/f11results Catalyst Growth in Numbers Community participation, once again, has showed up to demonstrate the desire to have their voice be heard and help shepherd the ecosystem forward. About 8,000 wallets have collectively cast more than 300,000 individual votes to determine 300 funded projects in this round.

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