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Published by the Cardano community team every two weeks, this newsletter will provide you with news, updates and events about the project! Cardano Progress Update for March by Emurgo’s Sebastien Interested in hearing about the latest updates across the Cardano ecosystem? Emurgo’s R&D Lead, Sebastien Guillemot, gives us a video report of everything that’s happened in the month of March. You can learn about ongoing projects at Emurgo, IOHK and Cardano Foundation as well as breakdowns on technical updates and research papers. Watch the March Update Video here Cardano Foundation participates in the INATBA Inauguration Last week, Cardano Foundation participated in the official inauguration of the European Commission’s International Association of Trusted Blockchain Application (INATBA) as a founding member.

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Cardano Foundation is inviting the global community to get together and watch the keynote speech from Charles Hoskinson at the upcoming IOHK summit in Miami! On Wednesday 17th April at 09:10 AM EDT (local Miami time), Charles Hoskinson will be delivering his keynote speech at the 2019 IOHK Summit. Titled “State of the Nation”, Charles will be talking about IOHK’s goals, products and the vision for Cardano 2020 and it will be live streamed via the IOHK Youtube channel. As this will be an important event for the project, Cardano Foundation will be running a campaign to encourage community members to host a viewing party and watch the talk live! How to participate? 1. Gather together three or more Cardano fans and watch the stream of Charles’s talk live on Youtube. You could even organise your own meetup to do this! 2. Before the talk starts, you’ll need to record a video which captures everyone in the room shouting “Cardano2020”. Feel free to be creative! 3.

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Ohne Titel.jpg1798×1344 1.24 MB On April 3rd, 2019, Cardano Foundation participated in the official inauguration of the International Association of Trusted Blockchain Application (INATBA) at the European Commission as a founding member. The event was held at the Directorate‑General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG Connect) department in Brussels, which is responsible for developing a digital single market to generate smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in Europe. INATBA will offer developers and users of distributed ledger technology, a global forum to interact with regulators and policymakers in order to bring DLT and blockchain technology to the next stage. The highlight of the event was the attendance of Commissioner Mariya Gabriel who not only emphasized that the EU recognizes the opportunities which blockchain technology can bring but also facilitated the joint declaration of the founding members on blockchain.

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Full question from another Forum thread: Is the way Cardano distributes information GDPR compliant? Answer: In principle Cardano is GDPR compliant “out of the box”, as there is no personal information stored on the chain and the issue of personal information capture was considered in the design of the stake pool, for example. More specifically, stake pools will host their own metadata, which is where personal identifiers may be present, and where data management including acting on withdrawal of consent can be managed fully off-chain.

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Published by the Cardano community team every two weeks, this newsletter will provide you with news, updates and events about the project! The Release of Cardano 1.5 and 1.5.1 Last week, IOHK released Cardano 1.5 onto the mainnet. This release was a milestone because it is the last major Cardano release of the Byron development phase. Following the release, there were a few users who encountered issues when updating Daedalus from old versions, to which IOHK was able to quickly release Cardano 1.5.1 to tackle and resolve the known issues. Read more about the Cardano 1.5 release Ada Now Supported By Ledger The integration of Cardano’s ada with Ledger, a global leader in security and cryptocurrency hardware devices, has been completed! Users are now able to protect their private keys through Ledger’s Nano S wallet.

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