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Get to know stake pool operators around the world

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Save the Children and the Cardano Foundation Collaborate to Explore the use of Blockchain in Rwanda Written by @ElliotHill at the Cardano Foundation The Cardano Foundation and Save the Children, one of the largest international non-profit organizations (NPO) for children, is actively exploring ways to use Cardano and the ada digital currency for the benefit of their humanitarian initiatives in East Africa. To be revealed at the IOHK Africa Show, Save the Children will install a payment gateway to accept ada donations directly, without intermediaries. The Cardano Foundation, the non-profit arm of one of the largest blockchain ecosystems, will work with Save the Children’s team in Rwanda to identify areas where blockchain technology could advance its missions, especially those associated with its Kumwe Hub.

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Sidney Vollmer and David Taylor Strengthen the Cardano Foundation’s Communications and Marketing Functions The Cardano Foundation is delighted to announce that Sidney Vollmer and David Taylor will join the Cardano Foundation’s PR & Communications and Marketing teams, strengthening our capabilities ahead of a key time for Cardano’s smart contract and enterprise capabilities. As we march forward into 2021, the Cardano landscape has been rapidly changing to reflect the readiness of the Cardano protocol, and the widespread adoption of blockchain as a technology. As a result, the Cardano Foundation has been closely examining the ways in which we support the Cardano ecosystem—prompting us to reevaluate our markets and growth strategy. We will soon reveal the details of our wider markets and growth strategy.

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Happy Earth Day from the Cardano Foundation! (Written by @elliothill at the Cardano Foundation) If you’ve been on Google today, you might have noticed that it is Earth Day! As a day of official recognition for the beautiful planet we all call home, Earth Day is an important worldwide event that demonstrates support for environmental protection. The Cardano Foundation would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our engineers, developers, and community members who are working to green the image of blockchain, by building the most environmentally friendly and decentralized distributed ledger ecosystem in the world. Let’s discover why environmental protection is important to us at the Cardano Foundation. Why are we passionate about environmental custodianship? At the Cardano Foundation, we strongly feel that for blockchain to reach mass adoption, it must satisfy our current global efforts towards environmental sustainability and reducing carbon emissions.

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The Cardano Foundation’s Delegation Methodology is Changing The Cardano Foundation would like to make an announcement regarding our delegation methodology. As many of you may be aware, our current delegation cycle has been delayed due to ongoing technical difficulties; namely through syncing issues with the current versions of Daedalus—owing to the large number of wallets that the Cardano Foundation controls. As a result, we would like to take this opportunity to both extend our apologies for the delay in redelegation, but also use this as an opportunity to lay out a new direction for the Cardano Foundation’s delegation methodology. Let us first say that this is a good problem to have for a couple of reasons. Firstly, these technical difficulties have been caused by the fact that there are orders of magnitude more transactions moving through the Cardano network today than prior to the Mary hard fork.

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Introducing the Cardano Token Registry for On-Chain Identifiers Written by @elliothill at the Cardano Foundation The arrival of the Mary hard fork event on 1 March 2021 brought with it the ability to create native tokens on Cardano. True to form, our community has not been slow on the uptake of native token functionality. Just like the rapid proliferation of stake pools following the Shelley hard fork, collectively our community has already minted over 1,500 tokens in our testnet environment, and almost 600 tokens are now live on the Cardano mainnet. But, with great token power, comes great responsibility. As much as decentralization is to be admired and promoted, there is also a need for certain centralized components that can support the growth and development of the Cardano ecosystem. In particular, reference material for our already vast amount of native tokens is of principal importance to the orderly growth of our ecosystem.

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