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Time in Cardano is divided into epochs and slots. A slot is a placeholder that can be filled with a block. Roughly every 20 seconds there's a new block and exactly every 5 days a new epoch starts.

The last block was created in the slot of the epoch by stake pool . (called slot leader)

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The ledger team focuses on testing for the Chang upgrade. Lace v.1.14 is upcoming. Hydra updated for node v.9.0.0 and simplified the demo setup. Mithril released distribution 2428.0, supported node v.9.0.0, fixed bugs, and optimized certification. Node users should upgrade to v.9.0.0. Fund12 results announced 258 new projects, with Town Hall 171 celebrating winners. Catalyst completed 900+ projects and allocated over 100M ADA. The education team is in Buenos Aires for the Cardano Developer course.

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A blockchain hard fork upgrades the software run by distributed nodes, introducing new features and improving security. Cardano uses a hard fork combinator (HFC) for smooth transitions. The Chang Hard Fork requires 70% of stake pool operators and 80% of exchange liquidity to upgrade, marking the start of community-run governance outlined in CIP-1694. Part one includes the Interim Cardano Constitution and the Interim Constitutional Committee, while part two introduces Delegate Representatives, SPO voting, and treasury management, fully implementing decentralized governance by Q4 2024. This transition will make Cardano the first truly community-run blockchain network.

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This week, the teams released node version 9.0.0, enabling the Conway ledger era with CIP-1694, Plutus V1 reference scripts, and CIP-69 support. The performance team released benchmarks for node v.8.12.0 and conducted DRep benchmarks. The consensus team supported the 9.0 release with security audits and NoThunks tests. The Plutus team improved contract blueprints and documentation. The Lace team focused on bug fixes. Mithril supported node v.9.0.0, worked on a new distribution, and fixed REST API bugs. Town Hall 170 and Fund12 voting concluded with 1.5bn ada used. The education team prepared for the Cardano Developer course and Voltaire training.

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Decentralized applications (dApps) use programmable smart contracts on blockchain to provide accessible services without central authority. Unlike traditional apps with centralized backends, dApps run on open-source, decentralized networks like Cardano, offering transparency and security. Cardano, a third-generation blockchain, supports scalable, secure, and interoperable dApp development. Aiken simplifies dApp development on Cardano by offering familiar syntax, an easy compiler, and clear error handling. It’s used by popular Cardano dApps like Minswap, Sundae Swap, LenFi, and JPG Store, facilitating faster and more efficient dApp creation.

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Discover the future of Cardano governance with Lloyd Duhon, covering the Chang upgrade, Delegated Representatives (DReps), and the DRep Pioneer Workshop Leaders Program. Learn how these innovations will empower ada holders in decision-making, from protocol parameters to treasury management. A comprehensive guide to Cardano’s Voltaire era and decentralized blockchain governance.

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