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Time in Cardano is divided into epochs and slots. A slot is a placeholder that can be filled with a block. Roughly every 20 seconds there's a new block and exactly every 5 days a new epoch starts.

The last block was created in the slot of the epoch by stake pool . (called slot leader)

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Thomas A. MayfieldTeam Lead Decentralized Trust and Identity Solutions (DTIS) The ability to cast a ballot and have your vote counted is essential to any fair election. Ideally, this process should be accurate and transparent, verifiable yet secure, and accessible to all. In 2022, the first Cardano Ballot iteration occurred in collaboration with SundaeSwap—a partnership established to support voting for the Cardano Summit Awards and Day 2 speaker. Again this year, Awards voting for the Cardano Summit 2023 took place using the Cardano Ballot. Ongoing public debates surrounding various elections around the world have highlighted the need for improvements and continuous increased confidence surrounding ballot issuance, processing, and vote tallying procedures.

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Hello there, beautiful soul! Hope this message finds you well. And that’s a wrap for the submissions in Fund11. Earlier this week, the public submission deadline expired and now all Fund11 proposers with active submissions will get a chance to refine and finalize their proposals ahead of the Community Review. Registration is now open for Community Reviewers. Just navigate to cardano.ideascale.com and answer the pop-up message if you’d like to participate. Make sure to do so before the end of day UTC on Dec. 10th. What else? This week, After Town Halls are back - your favorite Catalyst hangout space. With help from Christina and LidoNation - you can expect these break-out sessions to resume their regular cadence. If you would like to host a room - make sure to register it before Tuesday every week so that the team can plan accordingly using the registration here. With that - let’s dive right into other things happening around us.

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Official Cardano Summit NFT Collection from Empowa For the second year in a row, the Cardano Foundation selected a community project to create and deliver the official Cardano Summit NFT Collection, highlighting the benefits of aligning technology with positive change. Empowa developed this year’s collection, which showcases the theme of “Blockchain for Social Impact” and is now available to mint. The 2023 Summit collection features 30 unique digital collectibles representing six global regions—Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, North America, and South America—plus the five Cardano protocol phases—Byron, Shelley, Goguen, Basho, and Voltaire. NFTs come in packs of five, with the potential to mint duplicates in each pack. Funds raised will go towards building affordable, climate-resilient homes in Africa. NMKR supports the NFTs’ minting while waiving all transaction costs to maximize contributions to the cause.

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Welcome to the Cardano Community Digest! Published by the Cardano Foundation Community Team every two weeks, this Digest will provide you with news, updates and events about the project and ecosystem! If you are interested in receiving the Community Digest in the future directly via email, please sign-up here! You Can Now Test Governance Features Outlined in CIP-1694 on SanchoNet ​​ Until recently, the only option for testing Governance features on the SanchoNet, the governance testnet, was through the Command-Line-Interface (CLI), which isn’t very user-friendly for a broader audience. While experimenting with SanchoNet via the CLI is intriguing, unlocking the full potential of decentralized governance requires more accessible and user friendly tooling. Here is where the GovTool comes into play. With the SanchoNet GovTool, anybody can now test governance features available on SanchoNet that were outlined in CIP-1694.

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Hello there, beautiful soul! Hope this message finds you well. World of Project Catalyst is rolling another week forward. This means that we’re now past the halfway point for public submissions for Fund11 draft proposals. Remember, F11 submissions are now open with new categories until Nov 30 for public drafts, with the ability to finalize these drafts by Dec 7. There also is now registration open for Community Reviewers. Just navigate to cardano.ideascale.com and answer the pop-up message that comes up if you’d like to participate. Make sure to do so before Dec 10. What else? We’ve seen two great close-out reports. Fund6 proposal from ENCOINS with their completion of Private Transactions. Check out the close-out presentation here. Or stellar work from Cardano4Climate group and their proposal about Community Collaboration Standards. Catch their presentation here.

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