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Project Catalyst exists to ensure we can bring on-chain governance to the Cardano blockchain by allowing the community to self-determine priorities for growth. However, it needs active and inclusive participation from a broad spectrum of community members to be successful. At the moment participation is not as high as we, or those concerned with constructive debate and discussion within the ecosystem, know it should be, nor is it reflective of the different stakeholder groups within the community. For this reason, from Fund 7 onwards, the Cardano Foundation will become an active participant in Project Catalyst voting to inspire and encourage others to do the same. In consideration of our goals for 2022 and beyond, it was concluded that as a member of the ecosystem it is important that we are also actively participating in the governance of the Cardano ecosystem as an active member. Especially as a key goal of ours is to equip our community.

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2021 was a year of incredible growth for Cardano, the Cardano Foundation, and the wider community. Having reflected on our achievements, we now want to look forward to what we hope to achieve in the coming year However, before we do that, it’s important to first consider our ethos and the five guiding principles of our overarching mission—our north star—is for Cardano to become the future financial and social operating system for generations to come. Our ethos? Ensure Cardano is the blockchain for good. Our principles are: Adoption - Promote the positive adoption of the Cardano protocol on the global stage, steering the development of Cardano towards better use cases and solving real-world problems in a tangible way. Legislation and Commercial Standards - Engage in, educate, and drive global conversations around decentralized infrastructure, and its standalone benefits plus its ability to integrate with legacy systems.

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Today, EMURGO and the Cardano Foundation launched a project that will see the two organizations combine efforts and resources to foster the development of a community generated and maintained tool stack to support the Cardano ecosystem and accelerate decentralized application development. The project will consist of an MVP1 and MVP2. MVP1 will consist of a modular tool stack. It will be built by Five Binaries, an infrastructure development company focused on creating customized, highly reliable blockchain solutions, under the Apache Software License 2.0 publicly on GitHub and hosted by the Cardano Foundation. This first stage will include the Blockfrost Blockchain connector, the initial release of the Chain Watcher, and a simple backend that will serve as a proof of concept. Five Binaries will develop three main components at this stage of the project: Blockchain adapters - Adapters are plug-in components used to bridge Cardano blockchain data using different methods.

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We just finished the redelegation of the Cardano Foundation Wallets. It has been three months since we changed the delegation strategy. Please see this thread for all the details: Cardano Foundation's New Delegation Methodology: Supporting the Architects of the Future We got precisely 300 applications. 239 out of 300 indicated that they had only one pool. We evaluated them manually and checked all the information they provided. We found builder tools, open-source projects, closed-source projects, many pull requests, some CIP, educational content, whole communities around projects, and a lot of other contributions and incredible support. We have identified 68 of them as outstanding contributions. See the list below. (note: pools that we would oversaturate have already been deducted here) We did a random draw and delegated to 45 pools. Visit pool.pm to get a real time representation of the delegated wallets.

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Honor to whom honor is due. We have collected some nice forum statistics for you.

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