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We at the Cardano Foundation would like to announce a change to our delegation methodology. The requirements of the protocol are constantly evolving as we deploy our technology stack. We will continuously update our delegation methodology to support our community. For earlier delegations, our delegation strategy focused on supporting the decentralization and deployment of the Cardano protocol. This is why we delegated to smaller stake pools. It is also why we supported those who run single pools over those who run multiple pools. Our focus has now shifted to building the ecosystem. With the successful implementation of Alonzo and smart contract capabilities unlocked, we feel it is now more important than ever to attract and support ecosystem builders and contributors. From our next round, we will delegate to stake pools that make a considerable contribution to the community.

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The Cardano Summit September 25-26th. It will be big. So big, in fact, that more than 35,000 people have registered interest. We will have an astounding 38 virtual and live events in locations across the globe. The whole world is invited. And it’s free. Simply find your community and register here. We will have a jam packed line-up with a chance to meet the Cardano Foundation teams and ecosystem partners. There will be some super exciting announcements. Plus, the opportunity to spend time with other members of our wonderful community. All of this by plugging in to what we think is set to be THE community event of the year. What exactly will we cover? To keep it simple for you we’ve bucketed everything under four themes: Utility, Adoption, Governance and Impact. UTILITY explores why Cardano makes sense to build on. We will dig in heavily to the capabilities and technical features of the project. ADOPTION covers who uses Cardano.

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Cardano Foundation announces new Board and welcomes two members ZUG, 8 SEPTEMBER 2021 - - Today, the Cardano Foundation, the non-profit organization and custodian of the Cardano blockchain, announced the election of two new Board members: Mary Beth Buchanan and Andreas Eschbach. As part of the evolution of the Council, its previous members, Nicolás Arqueros, Domino Burki, Tamara Haasen, Nathan Kaiser and Manmeet Singh, took the decision to recruit the most suitable new members to pass on their mandate and initiate a new era for the Cardano Foundation’s strategic oversight and growth unveiled in July 2021. The first step of this gradual transformation took place with the election of Jillian MacNab as the new Chairperson of Cardano Foundation’s Board in June 2021. Now, Jillian, along with Mary Beth and Andreas, plus a further member joining the council soon, will help initiate a new era for the Cardano Foundation’s strategic oversight and growth unveiled in July 2021.

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Grateful for all he has done for Cardano and the Cardano community, we are waving goodbye to Andy Hendrikx: a man so cool, his last name ends on an x. Andy has been in the Cardano ecosystem since 2017, a veritable OG. He’s been instrumental in keeping the Cardano Foundation on track as one of the Guardians of Cardano back in 2018, and became part of the Foundation in 2019. His diligence, decency and knowledge of all things Cardano and community-related gave great depth and power to the voice of Cardano. He will be sorely missed, but we take comfort in two things: he’s taught many of us well, and he’ll be around in the Cardano community. @Andy_Hendrikx: have a great time on your next endeavours and keep going for number 1! 14 posts - 13 participants Read full topic

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Dear Cardano Community, We’re constantly improving our operations and especially our security. Because of recent challenges, we have moved part of our funds to a different wallet set-up. Last week, we created 10 new wallets in Yoroi as a part of our operational optimisation strategy. This allows us to separate our payment and delegation keys, which is a key value proposition of the Cardano Infrastructure. The wallets that became “visible” when we moved the funds were created before, and delegated to with a different random draw in the past. The ten pools that, for a short time yesterday, received a delegation which was withdrawn, will be included in the next cycle. Provided, of course, they don’t change their pool parameters. Our core methodology remains the same: delegations every three months and of the same amounts as before. Onwards, Cardano Foundation 18 posts - 13 participants Read full topic

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