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Full Question from Cardano Reddit: This project seems to be strongly oriented towards a scientific approach, the problem is that the papers I found on the official website don’t seem to be reviewed by reputable scholars but by small crypto related firms, which scholars are currently reviewing and working with Cardano? Answer: All the papers that we specified as peer reviewed have been reviewed by reputable industry professionals, and the relevant conferences. Research that is or will be part of Cardano has been accepted to the world’s leading computer science conferences, such as Crypto, Eurocrypt and ACM CCS, meaning that research has been reviewed by the world’s best cryptographers. To learn more about peer review watch this video from IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson: Original thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/cardano/comments/afh1z2/questions_about_cardano/

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Published by the Cardano community team every two weeks, this newsletter will provide you with news, updates and events about the project! Cardano Welcomes David Esser IOHK has hired David Esser, as senior product manager for the Cardano blockchain platform. He brings extensive experience and skills in product management, communications, strategy, and implementation that will further advance the project. Read more about David’s background and his role within Cardano on the Forum. Read more about David Esser Cardano 1.5 Testnet Release Cardano 1.5 was recently released on the Cardano testnet in preparation for its upcoming release to the mainnet. This release was a milestone because it was the last Cardano release of the Byron development phase. Details on Cardano 1.5 and the deployment schedule for the protocol to transition towards Shelley can be found in the release announcement link below. Read the Cardano 1.

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Cardano Foundation will be one of the founding members of the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA). The launch of this association is already an exciting milestone for blockchain technology adoption and the cryptocurrency industry, and we are honoured and excited to bring Cardano to the forefront of discussions and frameworks being built in Europe. The European Commission is launching this association as it sees the great improvements that blockchain may bring to industries and hopes to develop a common approach for the European Union. To date, the EU have engaged in other actions with regards to blockchain technology: In April 2018, 26 member states plus Norway and Liechtenstein signed a declaration creating the European Blockchain Partnership that would cooperate in establishing a European Blockchain Services Infrastructure. In February 2018, the European Commission launched the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum.

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Image from iOS (5).jpg3118×2339 512 KB Trust Square is blockchain hub based in Zurich, Switzerland that brings together entrepreneurs, businesses, investors as well as academics and researchers from the blockchain technology space. They invited Nathan Kaiser, Chairperson of Cardano Foundation, for a fireside chat to discuss the responsibilities and goals of the Cardano Foundation within the Cardano Ecosystem. Daniel Gasteiger from Trust Square also asked Nathan about the Foundation’s upcoming initiatives and priorities. See a list of questions discussed and the video below: When did you first get involved with Cardano? What is Cardano? What are the differences between IOHK, Cardano Foundation and Emurgo? And looking at it from a geographic perspective, the entities are based in Asia, Switzerland and the US.

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The Ambassador Program is a big project for fostering and growing the Cardano Community and awareness of the project around the globe. We are happy with its recent launch and our first group of amazing ambassadors. This program was always meant to be constantly changing and adapting because that’s what our community does! We have plans to add more roles in the future and from time to time, we’ll need to make amendments that better the program. At the time of launch, the Ambassador Program included anonymous members or ‘pseudonymous’ accounts. These accounts were appointed because of their contribution to the community. Upon receiving suggestions from the community, further internal review and consideration of both sides of the argument, we have decided to move forward with the Ambassador Program with the requirement that full ‘real’ names are provided. Anonymity in a community has benefits and drawbacks and we do understand an individual user’s desire to remain anonymous.

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