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Time in Cardano is divided into epochs. Every epoch is divided into slots. Every 20 seconds there's a slot and an epoch contains 21,600 slots. That's exactly 5 days.

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COTI adaPay image.jpg1919×751 261 KB ZUG, 23 OCTOBER 2019. The Cardano Foundation and COTI, an enterprise-grade fintech platform, are to develop an ada payment gateway. The offering – due to launch in November – will allow merchants to accept ada payments with a near instant settlement into 35 fiat currencies directly into their bank accounts. COTI is developing and implementing the service, making the ada payment gateway solution simple to deploy for merchants. The payment solution will be easily integrated directly into merchant’s website either with an adaPay button or a QR-based point of sale (PoS) system. The offering will simplify accepting and settling ada payments, and enable merchants to manage all transactions in real-time. Shahaf Bar-Geffen, CEO of COTI, says: “We are pleased to team up with the Cardano Foundation in building a unique payment solution for merchants seeking adaPay checkout functionality.

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Charles Hoskinson’s Latest Surprise AMA - 22/10/2019 Hi everyone! We know you love your AMA’s. Check out Charles Hoskinson on in his latest Surprise AMA, where he discusses topics such as: Shelley (Jormungandr) & Daedalus upcoming releases and stress-testing. IOHK& New Balance’s project collaboration. Possible snapshot approaches. 2020: the year of scalability for crypto projects. Africa Update: feasibility studies being done in Ethiopia. Future of Cardano and ADA & Updates on other (upcoming pilot) projects. …and much more! Enjoy!

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Week 17: W/E 18th October 2019 image.jpg850×478 83.5 KB Each week, this is where we’ll share a high-level summary of key achievements and what’s been going on in the program. Remember, for the very latest technical updates you can follow all the commits and pull requests in the community GitHub. If you are not already part of the conversation, you’ll find a hive of activity over at the stake pool Best Practice Telegram. With over 2,800 members and loads of engaged users, this is a great resource for anyone interested in contributing to the program. Continued thanks to everyone from the community, especially our amazing Ambassadors. What’s Up We’re a few months since the launch of the first Shelley testnet and a few weeks into Phase 2: the Networked Testnet, and we’d love to hear from all of you! We have a short survey that will only take a few minutes, and all of the information gathered will be kept anonymous.

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We’ve been looking forward to sharing more news with you this week about Cardano’s exciting collaboration with New Balance. Well, after an event in LA on Thursday evening, we can announce that New Balance has teamed up with IOHK to create NB Realchain: a pilot authentication system aimed at protecting the authenticity of its collector’s edition shoes. NB Realchain lets each customer log their purchase on the Cardano blockchain. Verification on the system means that all goods sold, even those coming from a third party, can be digitally proven to be authentic. This is an exciting and important collaboration. Bringing blockchain technology to global brands and mainstream retailers is a big step for decentralized technologies. IOHK’s collaboration with New Balance is the first commercial deployment of its blockchain. A successful pilot for NB Realchain shows how the global retail industry can make use of distributed systems.

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Welcome to the Cardano Newsletter! Published by the Cardano community team every two weeks, this newsletter will provide you with news, updates and events about the project! Cardano Ecosystem Celebrating Ada Lovelace Day In 1844 a paper was released by a person that went by the name of “A.A.L”. A.A.L. discussed a theoretical machine being worked on by mathematician Charles Babbage. A.A.L. then theorized that this machine could one day be able to perform all kinds of complex equations and even create music. A.A.L. wrote a set of commands for the still incomplete machine that would allow it to generate Bernoulli numbers. It was not until 20 years after her death that A.A.L. was revealed to be “Augusta Ada Lovelace”. Today she is considered the world’s first computer programmer. While Ada Lovelace came very close to being featured on the new British £50 note – she unfortunately did not make it.

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