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Time in Cardano is divided into epochs. Every epoch is divided into slots. Every 20 seconds there's a slot and an epoch contains 21,600 slots. That's exactly 5 days.

Currently we are in the slot of the epoch.

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Exciting News! The Cardano Foundation and Konfidio, a Berlin-based blockchain venture studio, have entered into a strategic partnership to enable real-world business use-cases on the Cardano blockchain with corporations, SMEs and governments. This is the first such alliance for the Zug-headquartered Foundation, one of the world’s leading not-for-profit blockchain organizations, and is in line with the mission to create and unlock value by driving the adoption of the Cardano blockchain… Read our full blog here! https://cardanofoundation.org/en/news/cardano-foundation-and-konfidio-ventures-to-drive-blockchain-business-model/ image.png1576×751 56.8 KB

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Week Seven: W/E 9th August 2019 image.jpg850×478 83.5 KB Each week, this newsletter is where we share a high-level summary of key achievements and what’s been going on. Remember, for the very latest technical updates you can follow all the commits and pull requests in the community GitHub. What’s Up This week we released a new Jormungandr build, v0.3.2. This third testnet release has closed a number of issues, fixed some bugs and housekeeping issues. It also brought some enhancements including some early code to start bringing in network capabilities. Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far and helped make the latest build the most robust and fully featured one yet! We look forward to your comments on the new build! For the full details, visit the repo here.

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Today, IOHK is releasing Cardano 1.6 on the Cardano mainnet. This release brings the latest Daedalus (v. 0.14.0), which offers a number of significant updates and improvements to the wallet experience, making it easier and more enjoyable to use. It also adds a number of useful improvements to the support functions for faster diagnostics and issue resolution.

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ama-promo.jpg800×420 170 KB David Esser is Product Manager for Cardano, overseeing the development roadmap. Next Thursday 15th August at 12 Midday Pacific Time (8PM BST, 9PM CET) David will host the first in a new series of LIVE Cardano development updates… Going forward, this is where we’ll bring you up to speed with the latest on what we’ve been up to. Key developments against the Cardano roadmap Progress on the Shelley testnet The lowdown on all the latest development demos The key topics the community is talking about So mark the date and time in your diaries – we’ll post more details here soon on how to join. Meanwhile, feel free to drop your questions in the thread below. We’ll do our best to answer any questions live on the show! EDIT: AMA Link added Make sure you save your spot to watch live by registering here: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/cardano-development

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Welcome to the Cardano Newsletter! Published by the Cardano community team every two weeks, this newsletter will provide you with news, updates and events about the project! Want to follow us on media? Here are a few places to start! Telegram Cardano Announcements & Cardano General Chatroom Reddit Facebook Cardano Community Twitter & Cardano Foundation Twitter Cardano Community Youtube & Cardano Foundation Youtube Learn with the new Plutus ebook IOHK has released an introductory ebook on Plutus, their general-purpose functional programming environment for Cardano, to help you learn about the language as well as to work through real code examples. It is available to download on Amazon Kindle and, for free on LeanPub.

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