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Published by the Cardano community team every two weeks, this newsletter will provide you with news, updates and events about the project! Cardano 2020: Delivering on the Vision Read the latest blog post from IOHK, written by David Esser the Senior Product Manager of Cardano. He talks about the Cardano 2020 vision and gives insight into the redesign of the Cardano roadmap. David also tells us how updates on the project will be shared moving forward. Read the IOHK blog here Introducing our new Cardano Community Managers The Cardano Community team is proud to announce our new Community Managers: Niels Schoof and Andy Hendrikx.

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IMG_5857.JPG2551×3402 758 KB The Cardano Community team is proud to announce our new Community Managers: Niels Schoof (@Katsumoto) and Andy Hendrikx (@Andy_Hendrikx)! To all of you in the Cardano community, these won’t be new faces! Both Niels and Andy have been a part of the community since Cardano’s official mainnet launch in October 2017 and have actively been a part of the community’s moderation team for Telegram and Reddit. We met Niels in the online world when the community team set up the official Cardano Telegram groups. There was an existing unofficial group where Niels was an admin and we collaborated with him to help with the transition to ensure the community wasn’t fractured. Niels comes from a medical background where he worked with x-ray imagery, machinery and patient care. And one of his past hobbies was building PC’s from scratch and playing FPS and MMORPGs.

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Published by the Cardano community team every two weeks, this newsletter will provide you with news, updates and events about the project! Charles Hoskinson’s Keynote Speech This week we bring lots of updates from the IOHK Summit which happened in Miami, Florida on April 17-18! Firstly, we invite you to read about or watch Charles Hoskinson’s keynote speech which kicked off the event. In the talk, he talked about the history and the future of the Cardano project. Catch up on Charles’s talk here Summit Viewing Party For Charles’s keynote speech, Cardano Foundation also held a fun initiative to bring together the community across the globe.

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Dear Cardano Community, ’'WorldADA ''is not Cardano’s partner. Do not send your ADA to World ADA, or any other third party entities that claim to have partnerships with Cardano, when this has not been officially announced on any of the official entities within the Cardano Ecosystem. The Cardano community takes any spreading of scams and FUD as a serious violation and breach of trust toward the community. Some things to remember and NOT TO DO, are: DO NOT open unofficial or fake Cardano related websites. DO NOT open/click/save suspicious, unofficial or unknown Cardano related applications. DO NOT interact with fake Cardano admins/frauds/scammers when they DM you. Report and block them instead! Cardano Foundation officials’ email ALWAYS end with @cardanofoundation.org Things you SHOULD DO: Please REPORT any suspicious/fake Cardano websites/apps/messages and scams to: report@cardano.org immediately.

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The Cardano Foundation would like to thank all that have participated in holding their own personal IOHK Summit Viewing Party during the event! Last week during the event, we invited the global community to get together and watch Charles Hoskinson’s keynote speech, titled ‘‘State of the Nation’’. Charles talked about IOHK’s goals, products and the vision for Cardano 2020, and it was live streamed via the IOHK Youtube channel. which reached more than 1600 views during Charles’ keynote speech. image.jpg800×600 76.4 KB Within these 1600 live-stream viewers, several community members across the globe responded with the hashtags #Cardano2020 and #IOHKsummit2019 followed by Tweet with a short video response to participate in the Tangem card give-away. The participants who made a short video clips will receive their Tangem card prize in the mail shortly! See who’s participated with the campaign below! From Cardano Blockchain Toronto: twitter.

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