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Get to know stake pool operators around the world

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City A.M.: Five years in the making: the hard fork to end all hard forks (Written by James Bowater, City A.M’s Crypto Insider) Shelley_Dawning_V33938×1969 1.19 MB Ever since entering the blockchain space, with a view to building my own project Vaureum, I have been searching out best of breed partners to work with. It was in November 2017 when an associate with a number of patents under his belt said to me ‘if you are looking to do anything in the blockchain space – check out a project called Cardano.’ With that I tracked down the engineering company behind the project IOHK led by the incredibly talented mathematician Charles Hoskinson. Whilst Vaureum was in research and development mode, I created Crypto AM with the wonderful City AM newspaper here in London. Since then I have had the privilege to meet pretty much the whole team involved with Cardano and IOHK.

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Shelley is here4445×2223 3.68 MB When Cardano launched in 2017 it originated at a single point of time with the release of Byron, the value layer of the Cardano protocol and the basis of the ada cryptocurrency. In contrast, the highly-anticipated transition to Shelley has been a gradual rollout, involving years of behind the scenes work, almost 80 peer-reviewed research papers, and multiple testnet iterations. The mainnet version of Shelley will go live today following a hard fork of the Cardano blockchain. This transition represents a major shift into a state of Cardano that will be defined by decentralization and staking, ahead of our next milestone of smart contract capabilities. This article is the first in a series of content—both written and visual—where we will be exploring multiple aspects of Shelley’s rollout. Here, we give a high-level overview of Shelley, explain its impact on the Cardano network, and discuss what it means for stakeholders in the Cardano ecosystem.

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Shelley is here: The Cardano blockchain undergoes a historic hard fork Shelley is here4445×2223 3.68 MB ZUG, 29 JULY 2020. The Cardano blockchain, established in 2017, undergoes a historic hard fork today ushering in the beginning of Shelley—and with it the delivery of full network decentralization, the launch of stake pools, and the beginning of delegation. Cardano enthusiasts can now register as stake pool operators, and ada holders may delegate their stake to pools, earning rewards for participating in the consensus and block production of the Cardano network for the first time. As the number of registered stake pools increases, the Cardano blockchain will become progressively more decentralized. Once the Cardano mainnet has reached 1,000 pools, Cardano will become one of the most decentralized, scalable, and secure blockchains to date.

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Cardano Foundation’s communiqué on possible exchange interruptions CF-Logo995×333 20.2 KB Dear all, As many of you know, Shelley will be going live on the Cardano mainnet on the 29 July—this Wednesday—at 21:44 UTC to be exact. Shelley is a considerable undertaking for the integration, exchange relationship, and technical teams at the Cardano Foundation, as the Cardano blockchain will be undergoing a hard fork. As a result of Cardano’s hard fork, there may be third parties who take some time to update their infrastructure, and we would like to make everyone aware of these potential scenarios here. Owing to the complexity involved in maintaining support for ada, exchanges will only be able to update their infrastructure in the final stages of the Shelley hard fork process. As a result, some exchanges will likely experience downtime in their ada wallet deposit and withdrawal support—however, trading will not be affected during this time.

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It’s confirmed: Shelley arrives tomorrow, 29th July, at 21:44:51 UTC, with a hard fork. This is the moment when Shelley ‘comes alive’ on mainnet, introducing features such as stake pools, delegation and rewards, opening up a new era of decentralization for Cardano. This is an incredibly exciting time. We know the community has a lot of questions around the hard fork, and what it might mean for them. Especially around staking, rewards, delegation, the safety and security of your funds, etc. So we’ve put all the community’s questions back to the IOHK developer teams and tried to answer as many as we can, right here. This is something of a mega post, and while there might remain a few unanswered questions, we’ll be sure to expand this piece to address any incoming queries If we have left out anything crucial, let us know. Please drop your question below and we’ll do our very best to answer.

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