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Get to know stake pool operators around the world

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Thank you, Maryam Mahjoub, for your contributions! Today, we announce that Maryam Mahjoub, in charge of our marketing, will be departing the Cardano Foundation at the end of January 2021. We would like to thank her for her contribution in advancing the Cardano Foundation’s mission of promoting adoption. We wish Maryam all the best for the future and look forward to seeing her next exciting endeavors. During her time with the Foundation, Maryam has run several important campaigns, most notably during the highly anticipated and complex transition of Cardano from Byron to Shelley. Steering our marketing efforts during this transformational time over the past six months was no easy task. Eva Oberholzer, Chief Growth Officer at Cardano Foundation: “The events of 2020 have opened opportunities and challenges around the world. We are currently steering the Cardano Foundation into a new phase of innovation and change to unlock new opportunities and capabilities for our ecosystem in 2021.

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An introduction to decentralized governance on Cardano (Written by @ElliotHill of the Cardano Foundation) 1438×809 270 KB Governance is central to everything we do in human society. Countries, charities, companies, and every organization in between relies on governing bodies—centralized or decentralized—to enable internal changes and decision making. While it is almost universally accepted that some type of governance is needed, what is not accepted so unanimously is the form that governance takes. Our diverse global community, and its changeable forms of governance at a national and even regional level, are evidence that there is no perfect model. Blockchains, and by extension the Cardano ecosystem, have a similar need for governance.

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Stake Pool School Course—Calls for Contribution image1849×891 178 KB Contribute to the Cardano Stake Pool School Do you have great ideas on how to improve the educational materials available to new stake pool operators? Then read on to find out how you can get involved in the Stake Pool School! With the launch of the Shelley through Cardano’s hardfork in July 2020, stake pool operators are able to officially run pools and attract delegates on the Cardano mainnet. To support new pool operators joining the Cardano ecosystem, the Cardano Foundation and members of IOHK’s engineering team, including Lars Brünjes, created the Stake Pool School. With a collection of video content and walkthroughs, the Stake Pool School helped new stake pool operators, regardless of their technical abilities, get started with running and establishing a pool.

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With the recent successful establishment of the Cardano Foundation’s new Executive Team and the addition of Frederik Gregaard and Eva Oberholzer, the role of the Foundation’s Council is now shifting from its original operational capacity to a more strategic leadership and supervisory function. This change in responsibility, and the considerably reduced influence on business operations, has resulted in a new scope and internal governance system for the future Foundation Council. The Swiss Federal Supervisory Authority ESA has appointed Dr. Daniel Leu to provide the Foundation with expert guidance on the future governance of Cardano Foundation’s Council. Dr. Leu is a partner at the leading Swiss law firm Bär & Karrer and will start his role with immediate effect. The addition relates to the Council’s internal governing role only.

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How Cardano could fast-track financial inclusion in emerging economies (Written by @ElliotHill of the Cardano Foundation) 1438×809 318 KB As blockchain technology supporters, we often get excited about the potential for financial and social disruption through decentralization. From democratizing access to identity solutions, to providing access to capital through decentralized finance (DeFi), we regularly look for ways that blockchain can transform our daily lives. But against the backdrop of a wider rapidly-moving technology industry, it can be difficult to see where the impact of decentralization will be felt most significantly. It’s crucial to identify who needs the benefits of decentralized infrastructure here and now—as these markets could come to define blockchain adoption in the 2020s. Here, we are going to explore how blockchain and Cardano can fast-track financial inclusion in emerging economies.

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