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Time in Cardano is divided into epochs and slots. A slot is a placeholder that can be filled with a block. Roughly every 20 seconds there's a new block and exactly every 5 days a new epoch starts.

The last block was created in the slot of the epoch by stake pool . (called slot leader)

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Announcing the relaunch of Project Catalyst and hot on the heels of its 500th completed project! Fund10 begins on the 21st of June! This blog post explains the vision, mission, and values of Project Catalyst and the new features and improvements introduced in Fund10. Some of these features include: Milestone-based funding module - UI and workflow for transparency and security The continuous TestNET - enabling the testing of future iterations simultaneously to running funds. A new challenge-setting process allows the community to propose and vote for each fund’s most relevant and impactful challenges. A new proposal submission process that simplifies and streamlines the steps for creating and submitting a proposal. Voting app improvements that enable secure and convenient voting on mobile devices. A new feedback mechanism allows proposers and voters to communicate and collaborate more effectively.

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Hello there, beautiful soul! Hope this message finds you well. As usual, our regular town hall session took place earlier this week. If you’ve missed the invite, make sure to bookmark bit.ly/catalyst-townhall to catch the next one. As usual, a full playlist is available on Youtube anytime. Did you catch last night’s announcement about the Catalyst Continuous Testnet yet? Check more on that further below. As usual, we’ve had a series of community presentations about their completed work. There was the first Challenge Team close out report from Fund9 that dived into impressions from Fund9 Developer Ecosystem challenge. Then, the Citadoc team highlighted work done to integrate Cardano into their platform that currently services more than 100K health care professionals. And to wrap things up - Oscar completed an amazing web-based transaction editor for anyone to use. Make sure to catch his presentation here.

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Hello there, beautiful soul! Hope this message finds you well. Another week, another great town hall. The 127th edition presented a number of great community completion reports as well as the long awaited announcement of the Fund10 launch date. More on that further down below. First, University Design Team presented their new student club at Queens University advancing onboarding efforts. Small SPO Business Impact Program proceeded then to highlight a whole framework that existing and aspiring stake pool operators can leverage. Number of them have participated in this pilot program and learnings have been invaluable. There also was an introduction of work done around NFT standards by the CENT team. And to close out the day - we had a great wrap up of efforts from the open source Cardano wallet - Nami with all their developments. You can see their close out video here. Check out the other funded projects you voted for via https://projectcatalyst.io/search to learn more.

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Cardano’s Project Catalyst active funding round coming back online. Save the date for Fund10 launch - June 21st, 2023 Start your ideas brewing. Tweet about it here. 1 post - 1 participant Read full topic

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Hello there, beautiful soul! Hope this message finds you well. Tick, tock - Project Catalyst keeps moving forward week by week. If you haven’t had a chance to catch up - this week we held the #126th town hall. And what a great set of presentations we’ve had from the music and game industries. First, Session Cruz gave an overview of their Fund8 proposal to jump start Decentralized Music Platform efforts. This was the perfect intro into another industry that likely could not imagine its space without music - gaming. Marcin from Ada Quest shared their progress and close out on the game development proposal from Fund8. The video on town hall was a little spotty - so you can catch the original YT link here. Thank you to both gentlemen that came to represent their teams and share their vision of how blockchain can help make their respective industries a better place for all. Check out the other funded projects via https://projectcatalyst.io/search to learn more.

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